AAIQ   The Association of Allergists and Immunologists of Québec

The history of the AAIQ website

The AAIQ website began in 1996. It was initiated by Dr. John Weisnagel while president of the AAIQ. During nearly 15 years Dr. Weisnagel developed and maintained the site with passion and devotion. Several members of the association contributed to the production of informative documents, displayed on the site. At times the site registered more than 2000 visits daily. The site initially received financing from the company Schering and after several years, other companies were added.

In 2008, Dr. André Caron joined as an assistant, with a mission to renew the website. Dr. Weisnagel retired in 2009, and Dr. Caron at the executive assembly of the AAIQ in May 2010 formed a committee to achieve this goal.

Dr Weisnagel
Dr John Weisnagel, 2010

Currently the team is composed of:

Dr Andrew Moore, responsible for the new site layout and design,
Dr Nha Uyen Nguyen Luu, advisor
Dr Simon Hotte, advisor
Dr André Caron, chief.


Since 2014, Dr Andrew Moore has taken the reins from Dr Caron as Web Site Administrator and Editor, and the team working with Dr Moore has remained the same.



André Caron, MD, FRCPC